Whilst HAPPA regularly support national campaigns by working in conjunction with other welfare agencies, we constantly monitor trends in equine care and welfare. With the intent of promoting best practice current campaigns include:


“Fat On Fresh Air” Obesity In Equines – A Growing Problem

“I am not fat I am in show condition”, this statement is commonly seen on t-shirts and sweatshirts being worn ...


Knowing When To Say Goodbye And God Bless

Facing up to the prospect of having your horse put to sleep is something that you never want to think ...



The practice of tethering is prevalent there are an estimated 3,500 equines currently being tethered within the UK. Tethering is ...


The Control of Horses Act 2015

The Control of Horses Act will bring in legislative changes that will discourage people from illegally grazing or abandoning horses ...


‘Duty of Care’ Think before you buy a horse!

Keeping and caring for a horse can be a source of great pleasure but is also a massive responsibility with ...


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