HAPPA Patrick

12.2hh Bay Welsh Sec B Born 2013. Lucky to be alive Patrick was spotted drowning in mud by a passer-by; having been rejected by his mother, a feral mare. Patrick was suffering from hyperthermia and was hours away from dying. Thanks to HAPPA’s quick response he was transported to the safety of Shores Hey Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre and placed under the infrared heat lamps that were to save his life. He continued to receive round the clock care and staff went to extensive lengths to find him a foster mum.

At just two days old he was transferred to Northallerton to be united with bereft mare; the pair instantly bonded and stayed together for 48 hours, sadly the mare’s milk dried up and Patrick was rejected once again. Back at Shores Hey, Patrick was bottle fed and continued to thrive despite the odds. He is quite a dominant character due to the fact he was hand reared and proved to be a challenge to the Team. He has now accepted the fact that he is actually a horse and is starting to behave like one.

For further information about HAPPA Patrick or to contribute to his care please call the HAPPA team on 01282 455992.


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