HAPPA Mickey (the donkey) and HAPPA Dan (the Shetland)

The last welfare investigation of 2016 by HAPPA was really an opportunity to help someone before the situation became a welfare concern, the owner concerned was going to run into difficulty with the two equines she owned if the situation was left.


The situation was discussed in depth with both the owner and Senior Staff at HAPPA.  We all agreed that if the owner kept the Shetland and Donkey it would not be too long before HAPPA would have to go out and investigate further, which would not be ideal for the equines (or the owner).


In view of the circumstances we decided to offer the chance to sign the two equines into HAPPA’s care, who are named HAPPA Mickey (the donkey) and HAPPA Dan (the Shetland). They were transported to Shores Hey Farm and during their time in the Isolation and Assessment Unit, Mickey received some treatment for Rainscald and both needed their feet trimming.


Becoming firm favourites with staff and visitors, the team knew it wouldn’t be long until a Forever Home was found; and less than three months since coming to HAPPA the cheeky twosome have found their match.


Laura Brown Equine Development Officer explains “I took a call from a lady trying to find a match for her donkey who was pinning for the loss of its companion. I knew that Mickey would be a match, but explained that he would come with his Shetland friend in tow as the two were inseparable. I am so pleased that she accepted and the three of them are now settling in together, a truly HAPPA ever after!”

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