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The Control of Horses Act 2015


September 15, 2015



The Control of Horses Act will bring in legislative changes that will discourage people from illegally grazing or abandoning horses on public or private land; this common practice has become known as ‘fly-grazing’. The new law came into force on 26th May 2015 and horse owners who continue to flout the legislation can be dealt with more quickly and effectively.

The new Act, has been welcomed by HAPPA and equine welfare charities, local authorities and private landowners. Animal Welfare Charities estimate that there are over 3,000 horses illegally fly- grazing in the UK and have collectively campaigned for improvement. The Control of Horses Act 2015 was brought forward as a Private Member’s Bill by Julian Sturdy MP and supported by the Government during its passage through Parliament.

Read the full legislation here:

Amanda Berry Equine & Data Services Manager says

“This is fantastic news and we are delighted to now have a piece of legislation that is fit for purpose and will enable a clamp down on the illegal practice of fly-grazing and in theory should improve equine welfare across the nation. The new legislation is a massive leap forward and will act as a deterrent to owners who deliberately flout the rules. Action can be taken quickly and effectively against perpetrators; the changes will allow local authorities and private landowners to deal with abandoned horses within four working days instead of fourteen. The new law also gives options for disposal including private sale, gifting or re-homing.”