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Our HOYS HAPPA will consist of a demonstration from The Blackburn & District Pony Club, showing you what it takes to be the best in the Country. Join us on 14th September for an evening full of spectacular showmanship and pie & peas.

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What is Mounted Games?

Mounted Games was the inspiration of Prince Philip. When Col. Sir Mike Ansell was Director of the Horse of the Year Show, Prince Philip asked if he could devise a competition for children who could not afford an expensive, well-bred pony, and in 1957 the Horse of the Year Show, then at Harringay Arena in North London, England, staged the first Mounted Games Championship for the Prince Philip Cup—it was an immediate box office success.

Riders require athletic ability, riding skills, hand-to-eye coordination, determination, perseverance, and a competitive spirit, which nevertheless requires an ability to work together with other riders and a willingness to help one another.

What is the Prince Philip Cup?

First held at Horse of the Year Show in 1957, the Prince Philip Cup is a world-famous Mounted Games competition featuring fast-paced action, as six Pony Club Branches and Centres compete for the coveted trophy.

Teams go through a series of Area Competitions and Zone Finals to qualify, making it one of the most hotly-contested events in The Pony Club calendar. Competing in fronts of thousands of spectators at HOYS is an experience not to be forgotten!

Competition Format

The action begins with the Thistledown Developments Cup, taking place across the first three sessions at HOYS. Teams are awarded points based on their placing in each session, and the team with the highest total score at the end of the Thursday afternoon session is awarded the cup. It serves as a great warm-up opportunity for the teams before the main event begins!

Over the course of 7 days the children are assessed on stable management, horse care, turnout & manners which are also awarded. The Prince Philip Cup takes place from Thursday afternoon through to Sunday, with a total of six sessions. At the end of these sessions, the four highest-placed teams go through to the grand final for the chance to be crowned overall champion.

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