Indigo in our new indoor arena

The Walter Bartley Building

Over recent years we have erected a new barn providing accommodation for 20 equines (The Walter Bartley Building), improved equine accommodation in the Alexander Reid Building and added a shower, solarium and rug washer and dryer, developed a new isolation and assessment unit, an equine crew barn, field shelter and feed store, a machinery store, new stables on our front yard, erected a state of the art indoor arena, constructed a new outdoor arena and improved visitor facilities. Recently The Fussy Filly (onsite tack shop) has relocated to the meeting rooms within our indoor arena. The team spent a few months converting the meeting rooms into a brand new shop.

We do a fantastic job and we keep getting better and better at what we do. However, this work, and we make every effort to spend your money wisely, costs an astonishing £900,000 every year and without legacies we won’t survive.

Your Gift To HAPPA Will Ensure We Continue To Make A Difference

It’s always wonderful to receive news that someone has remembered HAPPA in their will. We make sure that we respectfully acknowledge the fact that good news for us means sadness and upset for families and friend who have lost a loved one, however the gift of a legacy helps HAPPA to prevent cruelty and suffering to horses, ponies and donkeys and in many cases allows us to intervene before conditions become irreversible.

Property, possessions and savings amounting to many thousands of pounds enable us to deliver major projects and upgrade existing facilities and vehicles but please don’t think that smaller amounts won’t make any difference to us because more modest bequests contribute to our day to day running costs and are extremely important.

Your Gift To HAPPA Will Ensure We Continue To Make A Difference

How HAPPA Will Remember Your Kindness

For all legacies under £50,000 we will recognize your kindness by placing our thanks in our Memorial Book and over £50,000 a memorial plaque will be mounted on our Legacy Wall at our Rescue Centre. We will celebrate larger legacies by dedicating a capital project in your honour which will benefit the equines in our care.

Amount Items
£50.00 Feed costs per week for a horse or pony during rehabilitation
£100.00 A Farrier`s visit to treat a lame pony
£100.00 Worming programme per pony per annum
£500.00 Veterinary fees for one week
£5000.00 to purchase 1000 bales of hay
£6000.00 to purchase a new horse trailer
£10000.00 to pay for dental, physiotherapy and specialist treatments for one year
£25,000.00 maintenance costs for Indoor and Outdoor Arenas, exercise paddocks and fencing
£50,000.00 refurbishment costs for a stable block
£100,000.00 to build a small stable block