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Access all Areas


April 5, 2018



Horses & Ponies Protection Association ‘Access all Areas’ Bank Holiday Monday 7th May 2018 10am -4pm at Shores Hey Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.  Tickets on sale now 10.00 adults, 8.00 Junior & Senior Citizens, Lunch included.
If you are passionate about equine welfare and want to gain an insight into the fantastic work that we do then join us on the 7th May 2018. Come and take a peek behind the scenes and experience an informative, fun day, packed full of learning. Ever wondered what it takes to transform a rescue horse into a happy, healthy, sound, sane, lovable, horse? Then come and learn from the experts at HAPPA and share in an equine’s rehabilitation journey.  At Shores Hey Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, the home of HAPPA , Rescue is just the beginning.
Meet our Equine Inspectors responsible for enforcing the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and increase your knowledge surrounding the investigation process involved in seizing an equine in need.
Follow the journey from the beginning and see what goes on in our fully functional isolation unit.
See the Equine Team in action, in real time working, educating and riding the horses, teaching the fundamental basics.
Reserve your tickets today at or phone 01282 455992