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Fantastic New Equine Assessment Unit at HAPPA Shores Hey Farm.


March 12, 2020



HAPPA are celebrating the opening of the new Equine Assessment Unit, at Shores Hey Farm Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.
Following funding from Support Adoption for Pets, the Charity has been able to make changes in facilities at Shores Hey Farm in order to accommodate more horses and ponies coming into the Centre.

Head of Equine Operations, Amanda Berry, explains further, “We were very fortunate six years ago to secure funding, from Support Adoption for Pets and The Yvonne Gregory Family, to build a fully equipped Isolation Unit at the Centre. This Unit was designed to separate new equines, who have been rescued from cruelty and neglect, from the rest of the herd at Shores Hey Farm, reducing the risk from any potentially fatal illness and diseases spreading. Once their standard isolation period has been completed they move onto the Main Yard to complete their rehabilitation with the view to being matched with a Forever Home. As the Charity has developed we often see some of our youngsters returning to the Centre for schooling, or ponies returning from homes due to circumstances changing. These animals would be classed as lower risk, but would still need a period of isolation and moving them into the Isolation Unit has become increasingly difficult, due to the number of rescue cases we are accommodating. Therefore we addressed the need and looked at converting a building on site to accommodate low risk horses or ponies returning from homes”.
Further funding from the Rose Animal Welfare Trust and HAPPA Supporters has also equipped the Unit with everything needed to care for the horses or ponies during their stay.
Special guests included Amy Angus from the Support Adoption for Pets Charity, Ann Mountford, Deputy Store Manager for Pets at Home, Clitheroe, who with HAPPA Chair Person Jean Byrnes, cut the ribbon to officially open the Unit. HAPPA are delighted to have a purpose built Unit to facilitate isolation protocols for equines returning to the Centre and would like to thank everyone who made this work possible.