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Goodnight God Bless HAPPA Shadow


September 24, 2020



It is with deep sadness that we have to inform our supporters of the passing of HAPPA Shadow. Shadow came to Shores Hey Farm, Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre after his owner sadly passed away. It was his owner’s wishes that he should be cared for by the Organisation and we facilitated this under the Peace of Mind Scheme.
Shadow came into the Centre in April 2020 and took a period of time to adjust to mixing with other horses, after living alone for the past few years. Shadow a jet black, 15.2HH, Welsh cross gelding, was experiencing a few health issues of his own. After a full health check Shadow underwent some remedial farriery to correct his feet and to make him more comfortable, as he had some lameness issues on arrival.
Shadow was a very sweet pony, he was an old man with evident grey patches around his eyes. He enjoyed his twilight years making new friends at the Centre and formed a strong bond with HAPPA Henri. Shadow loved to be pampered and groomed, he was very laid back and reserved and he never complained. He was a pleasure to deal with and made footprints on our hearts in the short time that he was at the Centre.
Unfortunately, Shadow took a turn for the worse and suddenly became very poorly on Thursday last week (17th September 2020), he was struggling to breath and was in some distress. The Vet was called urgently and sadly advised that the best course of action was to let him go peacefully. Without further delay and in the best interests of Shadow he was euthanised immediately to avoid suffering.
Shadow will be remembered with fondness, he was a true gentleman with a Heart of Gold. Sadly he didn’t stay well enough to enjoy time in a Forever Home, he was loved and cared for at the Centre and ended his days with dignity. Shadow will be running free over the Rainbow Bridge and hopefully will be reunited with his long-time owner in the big stable in the sky.