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HAPPA Dychio gets his Christmas Wish


December 6, 2018



HAPPA are delighted to announce that a foal born at the Centre has been placed in a Foster Home.
HAPPA Dychio, who was born at Shores Hey Farm after his mother was rescued with three other equines, has been waiting to be placed in a Foster Home to continue his education until he can return to the Centre to be backed in 2020.
Dychio was named by supporters of Burnley Football Club, after manager Sean Dyche successfully took the team to the Premier League, and the young foal certainly has the spirit of champions.
A firm favourite at the Centre, Dychio turned heads with his stunning looks, cheeky personality and hilarious antics- including snoring loudly after nights playing in the fields.
Laura Brown, Equine Development Officer, explains “This lovely young gelding certainly needed that extra special someone to take him under their wings and continue his education. He has lots of energy and can be very mischievous.
We have all kept an eye on how the Football Club are doing and we think Dychio was a fantastic name for such a special pony, he even got to meet a player recently before his ‘transfer’ to his new home!
I am so happy to have found a perfect match for him so that he can spend Christmas with a loving Foster Family”.