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Exciting Announcement for the Equine Team at Shores Hey Farm!


March 31, 2017



HAPPA welcomed a new arrival to the Centre on Tuesday 28th March at 1.39pm.
The team where very surprised when HAPPA Pumpkin began to give birth and within less than two minutes the colt had arrived, which is quite unusual for equines.
We were very fortunate to capture the whole birth on film and some action video of him later in the week.
The foal is a beautiful bay colt and has been named HAPPA Pie, so together they will be Pumpkin and Pie!
He didn’t have the best start to life and the Equine Team had to monitor him through the first few nights to ensure he fed, they had to check him regularly to ensure he woke up to feed from his mum. The team also bottle fed to ensure he got the best start to life as possible.
Little Pie, and Pumpkin, will continue to monitored closely as he grows and continues to suckle and look forward to being able to meet supporters soon.
If you would like to help HAPPA to give Pie the best possible start in life please consider looking at our Amazon Wish List by visiting
Would you like to watch HAPPA Pumpkin giving birth to HAPPA Pie? Our Senior Equine Care Officer’s were lucky enough to capture the whole thing on video!