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The Admiral Memorial Award


May 18, 2016



An award for those who have made an outstanding contribution to the charity.
The Admiral Memorial Trophy nominees for 2016 have been received. The trophy is presented annually to Ambassadors (volunteers) or supporters who have made an outstanding contribution to HAPPA.
The trophy was donated to HAPPA by long term member Dr Joy Faulkner in memory of her own horse Admiral in 1978.
This year’s nominees are Joan Payne, Sue Gan, Helen Holmes and Keith Dennis .
Joan Payne- Joan has held the position of Voluntary Inspector for a significant time and has continued to support HAPPA over the years. She undertakes her work with enthusiasm and a smile on her face when going out to meet a Borrower.
Joan is such a wonderful, kind and caring person. I look forward to her visits to my ponies. She is supportive and encouraging and there for help and advice.
Sue Gan- Sue has volunteered occasionally for the Charity for the last eight years, from Cheshire Show to Pets at Home. The end of 2015 kept Sue very busy as she put a tremendous amount of time and effort into the Christmas period and on the Grand Opening.
Helen Holmes- Helen used to be a long-standing member of the Nature Walk team until Barry Dickinson’s retirement. Always supporting Barry- whatever the weather, Helen was also involved in some of the early planting of the hedgerow on the top field. Bringing her own wealth of knowledge and skills, crafting and nature at HAPPA will never be the same!
Helen is a very helpful lady with great rapport with both children and adults.
Keith Dennis- Keith is Centre Maintenance Support and is an asset to the yard, taking on any task with a smile on his face.
He attends every week without fail and is very kind and dedicated.
Keith makes such a difference to weekends on the yard, whatever the weather and whatever the task!

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