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The Ken Cranage Memorial Award 2020


September 22, 2020



The Ken Cranage Memorial Award 2020
The Ken Cranage Memorial Trophy is presented annually at the HAPPA Ball in Burnley. The Trophy is to honour HAPPA’s late President Mr Ken Cranage, who dedicated many years of service in the name of Equine Welfare.
The Trophy is presented to an employee or volunteer from any recognised agency who has made an outstanding contribution to Equine Welfare.
Traditionally nominations would be received and the Award would be presented in April. Due to the Pandemic HAPPA extended the closing date. HAPPA have received all nominations to go to the judging panel by November 2020. The Award will now recognise the following nominees, one of whom will be presented with the honour of Ken Cranage Memorial Trophy 2020/21:
Amanda Berry- Head of Equine Operations, HAPPA
Amanda has worked for HAPPA for over 20 years and has a true passion for equine welfare and to do the best for every HAPPA horses, pony or donkey. Amanda has been by the Charity’s side through the difficult times, always supporting the Charity’s Mission and is often said to have ‘HAPPA stamped through her like rock’. Leading up all the equine operations in an Association such as HAPPA’s is never an easy task, juggling the management of the equines as well as the staff, supporting the frontline team and dealing with complex and challenging welfare situations, advising the public, supporting internal and external policies, procedures and legalisation to ensure the best for all equines, being an advocate for HAPPA in the external arena and supporting connections and establishing best practice through NEWC.
Amanda has helped bring the equine operations into a new era, instigating the ‘care-plans’, a fully comprehensive check system for every equine out in a home, supporting and maintaining a throughput, establishing new policies and procedures for effective management of all HAPPA equines, supporting and directing changes on site to provide the best facilities for the horses and ponies, and mentoring her team through the best and worst of times.
Nic de Brauwere – Head of Welfare & Behaviour, Redwings
Nic has dedicated his working life to the welfare of equines and forms an integral part of NEWC since his election as Chairman in 2009. He is committed to the cause and always goes the extra mile, he is passionate about his work and plays a fundamental role coordinating an effective multi-agency approach to many high profile rescue projects. Nic has also played a large role in consultations on many areas of equine welfare policy which has led to improved legislation including the Control of Horses Act (2015). He is a valued, knowledgeable professional with a vison and belief to drive change and has made a massive impact on the industry as a whole.
Nic is very highly regarded by his fellow colleagues and associates and lends his expertise and his experience readily within the sector when needed. His lifelong commitment to equine welfare is exceptional.
Dr Suzanne Green BVM&S, BSc, MRCVS- Greenway Equine Veterinary Services Ltd
Suzanne has devoted herself to helping the welfare of equines and specialises in supporting the welfare of horses and ponies, offering expert veterinary care and advice, helping welfare organisations secure convictions and rescue numerous horses.
She is a highly qualified vet and her understanding of the process to obtain evidence to secure a conviction is outstanding. In the field she is a great help and she has always been willing to answer any questions, she replies quickly and her help is often invaluable.
Hannah Bryer- Head of Welfare, The Donkey Sanctuary
Hannah has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to The Animal Welfare Act and the laws surrounding equine welfare. She uses this knowledge to support anybody in the equi8ne industry that needs this extra level of support and does so in a way that empowers the person rather than making them feel belittled which is something you can’t teach. She is able to think outside the box to resolve a situation, but always has the equine’s best interests at heart.
Hannah has developed her team to take the same approach to welfare as she has done creating a dynamic and robust team with a wealth of knowledge that is available to all. She constantly tries to better herself to empower others and does a lot of this in her own time.
Following the flooding Bransby Horses had been in a time of crisis. In her professional capacity Hannah offered all kinds of support but also went above and beyond gifting items to the farm team who she has never met to keep morale up and enable them to give the best care possible to the equines. Hannah’s thoughtfulness to the teams enabled them to continue their roles with an upbeat attitude.
Hannah is also a NEWC Director to support all NEWC registered members deliver a high standard of care to equines. This is completed via training, advice and by demonstrations.
Hannah is well respected amongst all levels of the welfare industry and represents us all in her approach. Hannah has demonstrated on a daily basis what can be achieved through collaboration without the need for praise but it would be fantastic to see her rewarded with such an award.
Dina Shale- Founder, Director and Master Instructor, Rescue Ranch UK and The Way Of The Horse Discovery Centre
Dina has dedicated her life to horses and in 2015, set up The Way Of The Horse Discovery Centre. She has worked with emaciated horses who were given a 50/50 chance of life by a vet and full rehabilitated them to become beautiful companion horses. In 2018, Dina was asked to help another emaciated young filly called Mia. Mia was in a terrible state physically and emotionally when she came to Dina. Mia was full of worms, mites, had rain burn and was extremely terrified of humans.
Month after month, Mia wasn’t putting on any weight until May 2019 she started to plump up. This took 5 worrying months for her healing to show and then she came on in leaps and bounds. Mia was rehomed in September 2019 and Dina has regular picture updates on Mia’s amazing rags to riches story.
In 2019, Dina decided to set up Rescue Ranch UK, a registered charity that dedicates their time to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming emaciated horses, donkeys and mules.
From starting The Way Of The Horse in 2015, Dina has rescued and rehabilitated over 30 horses. All of which have horrid past trauma. Most have been rehomed, but the few who could not be fully rehabilitated, have stayed with Dina for a happy, loved retirement and a few also work with Dina on her equine facilitated therapy programmes.