Remembering HAPPA when making your will is one of the most generous and long lasting acts you will ever perform. Without legacies we could not continue our vital work and abused, neglected and abandoned equines would no longer have the opportunity to experience a kind word, relief from hunger and thirst, careful and thoughtful handling from our staff and expert veterinary care and to feel the kind touch of people who care.

Legacy income is vitally important to HAPPA, it provides over 80% over of annual income to carry out equine welfare work and we are truly grateful to everyone who chooses to remember our work at the time of writing their will.

Remember, you are never too young to make a will and, most important of all, a bequest to HAPPA does not mean it has to be your total value of your estate. A modest donation to us can make all the difference and can help HAPPA save lives.

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