Peace Of Mind Scheme

“We promise to continue your legacy and offer your equine a lifetime of professional care and experience.”

Our Peace of Mind scheme is guaranteed to give you the reassurance you seek for the future welfare and care of your equine.  We have been asked many times “What will happen to our horse should they outlive us?” Having given this matter consideration we now offer our Peace of Mind Scheme specifically designed to address this issue.

To sign up for the Scheme, we require a pledge to be left to HAPPA to cover the cost of ongoing care, along with wording in your Will passing the care of your animal to us. This will cover all equines you choose to own throughout your life, not just your current horse, pony or donkey.

Signing up to the Scheme will ensure we act swiftly upon receiving notification of your passing, and deploy our experienced Equine Care Team to pick up and transport your beloved friend back to Shores Hey Farm Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre, where a warm welcome will be awaiting their arrival.

All animals that come into our Centre on this scheme will be assessed by our Veterinary Surgeon and Equine Care Team to see if they are suitable at some point to be re-homed with one of our Borrowers, so they can live out their lives as nature intended, through the HAPPA Loan Scheme. Where there is more than one equine we will do our very best to re-home them together.

If your animal has ongoing health or behaviour issues these will be addressed and for the foreseeable future the animal will be kept at Shores Hey Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre to receive all necessary veterinary and social care. We would like to add that our staff are extremely experienced in dealing with all problems and they excel at bringing the best out in each horse, pony or donkey, offering them the most fulfilling life possible.

When your animal no longer enjoys a good quality of life, then be assured that HAPPA never euthanises an equine without consulting with a Veterinary Surgeon.

Whatever happens, we will treat your animal as an individual and provide the best care possible during its lifetime.

Be assured that Quality of Life is important to us and is sustained for every equine in our care.

If you would like to contact our Finance and Legacies Manager Carol Chidley to discuss further, please email

It is our policy that all equines in our ownership are offered for rehoming through our Loan Scheme and it is only by finding homes for the animals in our care that we are able to free up space to help those that are in desperate need.  All rehomed equines are regularly checked for the remainder of their lives to ensure their continued welfare.  Further information is available on our Loan Scheme pages.

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