Prepare Your Horse For Winter



1  Make sure your horses rugs are clean & waterproofed to keep them warm and protected against the weather.

2  Ensure you have enough haylage. Stock up now in preparation for harsh weather conditions.

3  Check your gateways hard cored to prevent mud and build up.

4  If your horse is wintering out check you made provisions for harsh weather.

5  Stock up on bedding shavings and straw, who knows what weather conditions may hit us this winter?

6  If you’re intending to ride this winter, you might have to clip to prevent your horse sweating and catching a chill.

7  Prepare your stable by ensuring it is clean and dry.

8  Check your horse’s legs daily for mud fever/cracked heels as these problems can be common in wet muddy conditions.

9  Be sure to keep water buckets and bowls clean and free from ice.

10 Last of all, it is so important to try and ensure you keep to a routine.

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