Help a HAPPA Horse- Bag of Shavings


With every purchase you are helping us Give a Second Chance to Neglected, Abused and Unwanted Equines

Product Description

Buy a Bag of Shavings and Help a Horse Today!

All of the stables at the Centre have sealed and bonded rubber matting on top of the concrete floor. On top of this the horses and ponies have a small bed made up of shavings.

The Centre chose to move away from thick shavings beds due to recognising that some equines were better suited on rubber bedding, it also reduces the amount of waste needed to be removed from stables which is cost effective for the Charity (x2 bales of shavings per horse on average per week used to cost HAPPA £780 per week for shavings), reduces the labour required from the equine staff, and how much waste has to be removed from the Centre.

Your purchase will help a HAPPA horse or pony receive their bedding for one week.

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