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Best practice for worm control in horses has changed over the years, we follow a strategic worming programme, under the guidance of our Veterinary Surgeons, who recommend a targeted approach to worming.

Traditional methods have led to an increasing resistance to wormers and over time this means that worming unnecessarily can be ineffective and costly. Adopting a targeted approach to worming is both beneficial and cost effective, reducing the chances of wormer resistance. Targeted worming works on the principle that by using faecal worm egg counts we can determine whether or not a horse actually needs worming. It also can tell us if we need to target specific worms allowing us to use the correct wormer to fight against an infestation of pinworm, tapeworm, redworm etc.

In order to make sure that we are targeting the exact worms we do regular worm egg counts on our equines, dropping samples to the Vets for them to examine. After the results come back to us we can then target the horses that require worming and save money on those that don’t.

Following a good worm management plan can ensure that our horses are free from worm related disease and continue to follow best practice with regards to parasite control.

Your purchase will help a HAPPA horse or pony receive their Worm Egg Count for this half of the year.

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