There are five categories in which you can rehome a HAPPA horse, pony or donkey under a loan agreement- Rideable, Companion, Foster and Veteran. We are passionate about finding the perfect match for every equine ensuring they are placed in a loving Forever Home, or are offered the best start in life through a temporary placement (Temporary Foster Care Scheme). Further details about theses schemes are on this page.

Please think carefully before applying for the loan of an equine.

Looking after an equine requires a great deal of time and is a serious financial commitment. It is vital that your Application Form is completed with total honesty regarding your experience and abilities. Every application is assessed very carefully to ensure that we chose the right Forever Home for every HAPPA equine. We understand that circumstances can change and you may need to return you loan equine, however please bear in mind that we are ideally looking for a lifetime placement.

How to apply:-

1. Do you fall within our rehoming area?
2. Seen a horse or pony you like?
3. Is it available to be rehomed?
Yes – All current available equines are advertised in the Reception Noticeboard at Shores Hey Farm and online.
No- If your chosen equine is currently not advertised he or she will still be undergoing the rehabilitation process and will not be available to be applied for.
4. Find your chosen equine here Rehomeable Equines.
5. Fill in the application for your chosen equine.
6. Our Rehoming Team will be in touch. See Questions page for the full process of rehoming after completion of the form.
7. We are unable to keep data or contact details for people in relation to equines currently unavailable for rehoming.

Every equine is educated to bring out its full potential to ensure that they are established and working well in balance and in harmony with a rider on board. They will have been ridden in all three paces, hacked in company (and on request alone), jumped small fences (if able to), and will have been ridden off site (if applicable).

Some of our equines are newly backed and are within the first 12 months of being backed when they are available to be rehomed. Please consider if this would be a most suitable match for your ability and your expectations of a HAPPA equine. All of our Rideable equines that are currently available for rehoming are here.

Companion equines are able to provide companionship to your own horse or can be enjoyed as pets. Companion equines are unable to be ridden due to a variety of reasons, either through minor lameness issues, ridden behavioural issues or unable to complete the backing process.

Our Companion equines come in all shapes and sizes, if you have specific qualities that you are looking for please make sure this is listed in your application form. All of our companion equines are assessed at the Centre, this is to ensure that they can socialised with other equines and be handled correctly from the ground. Our Companion equines that are currently available for rehoming are here.


The Project Horse Scheme allows rehabilitation and schooling to continue out at a Forever Home, giving those who want to offer a Second Chance to a HAPPA horse the opportunity to continue the horse’s education. Aimed at people who have lots of knowledge and experience with backing and schooling young, green and difficult horses. Our Project Horses come in all shapes and sizes, with different needs and abilities. Each horse will be at a different stage of its education. All of our Project Horses will have completed a four-week assessment period where they will have started the basic groundwork, giving us the opportunity to properly assess their temperament, ability, health and suitability for the Scheme. This assessment period will also include veterinary and physiotherapy checks. Each Project Horse will be at a different stage in its education, some will have only completed basic groundwork, others will be lightly backed and others will have been ridden away, but still require schooling.

Working with a Project Horse can be challenging and frustrating at times, but very rewarding. They require experienced riders, which also have experience starting the groundwork with untouched horses. We aim to match the applicant’s ability to a suitable horse, to ensure a successful relationship. Please consider if this Scheme would be the most suitable match for your experience and ability, and what your expectations of a HAPPA horse are. Our Project Equines currently available for Rehoming are here.


Our Veteran Care Scheme is aimed at those special people who would be looking to provide a Forever Home to an elderly equine that can still enjoy a good quality of life. HAPPA are looking for those extraordinary people that have the time, energy and commitment to keep these equines in the best possible condition in their later years. Each equine’s needs will vary; the Scheme aims to rehome those equines that can sometimes be less appealing to take on due to their additional health problems.

Within this scheme we offer additional financial support, this information can be found on our your questions page.

The Veteran Care Scheme is for companion equines who need extra care in their twilight years, rideable equines are not included in this category. All of our Veteran equines that are currently available for rehoming are here.

Our Foster Care Scheme is aimed at extraordinary people, with equine experience, that are able to offer temporary homes in which HAPPA youngsters can grow, develop and mature into strong, well-mannered adolescents. We encourage and support our Foster Borrowers to ensure that each equine is fit and ready to undergo the backing process when they return to the Centre, in the year that they turn four years old.

These young equines can at times be challenging, frustrating, yet very rewarding. When considering rehoming a foster equine please remember that the year they turn four years old they will need to be returned to the Centre, this can be a very difficult transition for some people and we request that you take this into account before applying to Foster.

Within this scheme we offer additional financial support this information can be found on our your questions page.

Our Foster equines are available to all potential Borrowers upon completion of the schooling process and are not guaranteed to be returned to their Foster Home. All of our Foster equines that are currently available for rehoming are here.

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