Companion Equine

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We currently have over 300 equines in our care in Forever Homes throughout the UK and at our Centre. We have the capacity to house over 60 equines at Shores Hey Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre.

Companion equines are able to provide companionship to your own horse or can be enjoyed as pets. Companion equines are unable to be ridden due to a variety of reasons, either through minor lameness issues or have retired from ridden work. Our Companion equines come in all shapes and sizes, if you have specific qualities that you are looking for please make sure this is listed in your application form. All of our companion equines are assessed at the Centre, this is to ensure that they can socialized with other equines and be handled correctly from the ground.

If you are in a position to offer a permanent home to a companion equine please follow the online application process.


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