Companion- HAPPA Romeo

Born 2012, 15.2hh, Thoroughbred, Bay, Gelding.

Romeo came into the Centre as part of our Magnificent Eight Rescue, following a joint Rescue operation with another welfare agency. On arrival he was underweight, had overgrown hooves and was suffering from a worm burden. After extensive veterinary treatment he has recovered from his ordeal. Further veterinary investigations have diagnosed him with Kissings Spine.

Romeo, due to his diagnosis and after veterinary advice, is now looking for a home where he can be turned out every day. He thrives off routine and enjoys constant companionship, this means he must be part of a herd where he is not left on his own. He is good to do in all ways and is happy to socialise with both mares and geldings.

If you think HAPPA Romeo is a suitable match for you please read ‘Your Questions Answered‘ page to check that you are in our Rehoming area.

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