HAPPA Rainbow #FindaForeverHomeFest


Born 2003, 17hh, TB, Grey, Gelding.

Rainbow was Rescued following an investigation by an Equine Inspector. He was found along with two other horses, during Lockdown, emaciated, suffering with worms and overgrown feet. He wasn’t able to pass the assessments to become a Rideable equine due to his conformation and atrophy of his muscle over his back.

Rainbow requires a special diet in order to maintain the weight he has slowly put on. He is a gentle giant and will provide a great deal of joy to a family. He would need daily turnout, either in a sand paddock or field, as he does have some arthritis and needs to move around.

He is good to do in all ways and will turn out with both mares and geldings. He would need to be stabled overnight in the winter months. He is ideally looking to be a Companion to another horse of a similar age.

If you think HAPPA Rainbow is a suitable match for you please read ‘Your Questions Answered’ page to check that you are in our Rehoming area.


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