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HAPPA are looking for extraordinary people, with equine experience, to come forward, offering temporary homes in which HAPPA youngsters can grow, develop and mature into strong, well-mannered adolescents and are match fit ready to undergo the training process. We are looking to place yearlings and youngsters under the age of four years, into experienced temporary homes with carers that are willing to invest the necessary time, energy and commitment to provide one to one on-going care, for an interim period.

  • Have you got room to offer a temporary home to a youngster?
  • Can you provide stability for a youngster to grow and mature?
  • Are you dedicated to invest valuable time and effort to guide, nurture and support?
  • Have you got the emotional intelligence and strength of character to give back a youngster that you have loved, cared for and formed a strong bond?

Caring for and producing a HAPPA youngster can be both satisfying and rewarding. Foster carers contribute to the youngsters welfare by facilitating a bespoke duty of care; enabling a baby to go forward with a good grounding, ensuring that their education kicks off to a flying start. The ultimate goal is to secure a positive future, in a permanent home. Your support and guidance will promote a youngster’s chance for a better quality of life.


Being involved with a youngster can prove challenging, but at the same time the benefits bring fulfilment and gratification. Seeing a youngster progress, as they grow and develop is a wonderful experience, knowing that your patience, your time and effort, has all been worthwhile and achieving results that speak for themselves; giving back to HAPPA a strong, mature, well-balanced, educated, equine with excellent manners to be proud of.



Youngsters command socialisation and need basic training to teach them manners, along with an established routine, that will create an environment to guide their development. Youngsters require confident handling and need to be educated in preparation prior to being backed. They will need sufficient training and learn to accept the following processes whilst in your care:

  • Tie up
  • Lead
  • Bath
  • Routine foot care (picking feet out and acceptance of farrier trimming)
  • Load in and out of a box/trailer
  • Groom

Temporary homes ideally will continue until the youngster is matured to four years of age, whereby there will be a requirement to send them back to our Centre to begin training by our team of professionals. You will be informed, by letter, when your youngster is due to return to the Centre that year. There will be a series of questions and preferred available dates to pick from, to ensure the smooth process of them returning. During this time, if you are interested in rehoming the youngster that you have cared for, we can send you updates of their progress until the time that they would be ready for ride assessments.

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