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HAPPA rehome to 18 counties in the North of England as shown, highlighted in green, on the map below.

First you need to register your application online and choose from the following categories Rideable, Companion, and Foster Care.

No; However if a suitable equine becomes available and you are invited along for an assessment, on booking your assessment, you will be required to make yourself a HAPPA member. Currently the fee is £20 full adult, £10 senior citizen. Parents of children under the age of 18 years must apply for full adult membership in order to take full responsibility. You may be asked to visit more than once so that we can fully assess your compatibility.

Yes. You must sign a disclaimer when you come for a ridden assessment; equines are ridden by HAPPA staff to ensure their safety and suitability, every care is taken to assess the equine prior to asking a potential Borrower to ride. HAPPA accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss, accident or injury caused as a result of riding or handling a HAPPA horse/pony.

You will also be asked to sign a legally binding Loan Agreement if a suitable match is found for you.

Yes. We do, of the rideable equines, some are difficult to handle and others can be hard to hold, or can be very lively and it is vital that an equine is not placed with an unsuitable Borrower, beyond their capabilities. Usually experience, knowledgeable and sympathetic handling will bring a marked improvement given time. Accidents can happen and it is essential that applicants are totally honest about the rider’s ability when filling out the application form.

HAPPA has over 300 equines in its care. The Rescue Centre can only accommodate a certain amount and the rest are on loan to Borrowers. Many of these equines cannot be ridden because of associated problems; they may be unsound in wind or limb (but not in pain or distress) or they may elderly or too small to ride. The un-rideable equines can make great companion animals and some generous members take more than one purely to help the Association. HAPPA is particularly grateful to these people for their help in taking equines that are otherwise not easy to re-home.

Occasionally we do have donkeys available for re-homing; however they are usually homed in pairs, unless one is going to join another single donkey.

Yes. HAPPA insist that all Borrowers take out Third Party Public Liability Insurance for an equine on loan from the Association (BHS Gold Membership is an affordable option). This insurance is the direct responsibility of the person signing the Loan Agreement, which is, therefore, without prejudice to HAPPA. Any claim for damages by a third party will be made against the person responsible for the particular equine on loan. HAPPA will need to see evidence of Public Liability Insurance before the equine leaves the Centre. It is also advisable to insure the equine for veterinary cover wherever possible.

HAPPA insists that Borrowers comply with routine health screening and do all that is necessary to keep the equine in sound health including specifically ensuring that it is vaccinated against tetanus at intervals as directed by a veterinary surgeon. Routine farrier care, worming and dental checks are also a compulsory requirement.

Yes. All our potential homes or livery yards are checked prior to an equine being homed. You will also receive follow up calls and a visit during the first few months and then twice yearly visits from a Loan Scheme Support Officer or Volunteer.

Every equine leaving our Centre has a unique Equine Care Plan and Passport; some will also have a microchip. The cost of the passport fee is currently £25 which will be added to your initial invoice. Should the equine need to be returned to the Centre its Equine Care Plan and Passport must be returned with the equine.

Yes. For a rideable horse or pony, we ask for an initial donation, which operates on a scale between £250 and £500 dependent on the equines capabilities. You must also pay an annual subscription of £60 per year and continue to pay your membership fee. This set fee remains at this rate for the entire term of Borrowship. For a companion equine we ask for a donation of £100 and a yearly fee of £30 and you must also continue to pay your membership fee. On-going fees must be set up via Direct Debit from the onset.

You may make your own transport arrangements, provided that the horse trailer/box meets current welfare in transport regulations. Alternatively, HAPPA provide a delivery service for a standard charge is £50 within the first 25 miles (round trip) and £1 per mile thereafter.

If everything remains satisfactory you may keep him or her for the rest of their life. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to borrow, then the equine must be returned to HAPPA at your expense.

We do not rehome equines if we anticipate this happening in the near future. Euthanasia may be necessary due to old age or infirmity or due to suffering from an ailment or condition where it is no longer humane to keep the equine alive. A Veterinary Surgeon may be consulted and can advise, when the time has come, on the most appropriate method. It is the responsibility of the Borrower to make the necessary arrangements and bear the cost for the euthanasia and removal. HAPPA Inspectors are available for emotional support. Head Office must be notified once an equine has been euthanised.

You must inform HAPPA of any intended change of address. If your relocation means that your equine needs to be moved too, the new premises or a change of livery yard will need prior inspection.

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