• Born 2010

  • 11.2hh

  • Welsh A

  • Mare

  • Black

HAPPA Isla came into the Centre through a Cross Agency Transfer Agreement. Her original Rescue involved three other ponies, who were found in an obese state and at risk of developing Laminitis.

During her initial assessment Isla was found to a have a wonky incisor tooth, which has since been x-rayed and thoroughly investigated by a specialist Equine Dentist. The outcome and advice was to leave the tooth alone, as removing it could cause irreparable damage or the risk of breaking the entire jawbone. We have followed this advice and Isla is a happy, healthy, girl and her tooth has caused her no problems.

When Isla first arrived at HAPPA she was a very nervous pony. The Team have worked with her every day and she has settled into a yard routine well. She is still a little nervous at times, but the more regular interactions with her the more she is relaxing. She will happily be brushed and have her feet picked out. She is a little nervous of the Vet and Farrier, but we have seen a big improvement in her in such a short time and believe this will improve further in a Forever Home.

Isla is a very pretty well-marked mare, who in the right hands, would do well in in-hand showing. She would excel in a home where she can have one to one time to gain confidence and trust, and to continue with her desensitising work.  We are unsure if Isla has had Laminitis in the past, however it is possible from her history, and this would need to be considered and managed accordingly to prevent it in the future.

Isla will need to continue with regular dentals to keep an eye on her wonky tooth, however it has never caused her a problem whilst being here at HAPPA.

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