• Winnie  2004

  • Honey 2002

  • Winnie 11hh

  • Honey 11hh

  • Welsh A

  • Welsh A

  • Mare

  • Mare

  • Winnie Grey

  • Honey Roan

HAPPA Winnie originally came into HAPPA’s care in June 2006 after being found abandoned and tied to a gate with a head collar injury to her face and in very poor condition.

She was successfully rehomed in November 2006, where she was to be Honey’s companion. They have been very well cared for and loved for over 15 years. Very sadly their owner unexpectedly passed away and so Honey was signed over into HAPPA’s care so she could stay with Winnie.

Winnie is a very sweet girl. She is a little timid but genuine. She is used to a quiet life with Honey and HAPPA can be noisy at times with lots going on, it’s quite a change from her previous life. Winnie suffers from a condition called Cushing’s disease, but this is easily managed with medication, funded through the Veteran Scheme.

Honey is a very sweet mare and is easy to do in all ways. Honey currently has no health issues and is looking for a quieter life with the company of her lifelong friend, Winnie.

We would love for the Winnie and Honey to be Rehomed together as they really are the best of friends and become stressed when separated for long periods of time. These lovely ladies deserve to live out their twilight years together in the slow lane.

The ideal home for these gorgeous girls would be a small quiet yard with access to turnout on restricted grazing together. The home must be aware of restricted diets for older, small ponies and have experience of managing veteran horses/ponies.

If you think HAPPA Winnie & Honey are a suitable match for you please read ‘Your Questions Answered‘ page to check that you are in our Rehoming area.

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