HAPPA – action against cruelty – how to register a call for concern

If you have concerns about an equine then HAPPA may be able to help if you follow the procedure set out below. *PLEASE NOTE* that if you are in any doubt whether or not your concern is important to us please be reassured that we would rather attend and find no cause for concern, rather than risk leaving an equine that needs our help.

Complete the form below with as much detail as you can provide. This will be received by our Equine Inspectorate Team. They may contact you if they need further details, but your details will not be passed onto anyone else.

  • Make sure you have a good description of the field or building you have seen the equine in.
  • Take note of the date and time you saw the equine.
  • Make a note of useful landmarks.
  • If you don’t know the exact address make sure you have the road or street name.
  • Give a good description of the equine as is possible i.e. colour, height, does it have a rug or head collar on?
  • Give details of what the complaint relates to – is the equine suffering in any way? Does it have long feet? Is it under-nourished? Is it injured or lame?

Please Note That HAPPA Operate In 18 Counties Across The North Of England, So It May Not Always Be Possible That We Will Be Able To Attend Your Location.

If You Have Concerns For Welfare Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us, You Could Save a Life!