All about our Second Chance Sponsorship Scheme

Our Second Chance Sponsorship Scheme is a fabulous way for you to support our Charity, or a perfect gift for someone passionate about animal welfare. HAPPA Supporters are able to sponsor the Rehabilitation of certain equines at Shores Hey Farm. You are able to pick from a selection of equines currently under Rehabilitation at the Centre, giving them a Second Chance at life.

You can follow their journey through from their Rescue to Rehabilitation and Rehoming, with behind the scene access; stories and pictures of how they are progressing.

We pride ourselves on offering a Second Chance to every equine Rescued by the Charity and therefore will celebrate our ultimate achievement with Sponsors- a rescued animal being placed in a Forever Home! If your chosen horse or pony is Rehomed you will be awarded a celebratory rosette and the opportunity to transfer your support to another lucky equine at the Centre.

Give a Second Chance to the Vulnerable, Neglected and Unwanted.

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