Organise your own events to help HAPPA

The following information will tell you what you need to do on behalf of the Charity if you organise your own events.

HAPPA request that anyone who wishes to raise funds for the Charity completes the FUNDRAISING ON BEHALF OF HAPPA  form. This helps HAPPA keep in contact with everyone who has been inspired to raise funds and gives us an opportunity to celebrate your work and achievements.

Please ensure that you keep contact with HAPPA Head Office and the Development Officer on 01282 455992/ email

HAPPA need to know:-

  • What the event is
  • When the event is to be held
  • Who is the main contact for the event – this is likely to be you as the organiser
  • How much you rose when the event has finished

HAPPA will also need to see samples of any posters that you make to ensure that the HAPPA logo is not misrepresented, in accordance with charity polices and you must also display HAPPA’s registered charity number in England and Wales 1085211.

You must clearly display that all funds raised will be donated to HAPPA (or if you share with another charity you must make this clear to the supporters).

We will be able to offer guidance on your event, but as the event organiser the responsibility for planning and running the event must fall to you.

You must decide

  • What type of event do you wish to hold? (there are lots of ideas and tips on HAPPA website for fundraising)
  • Where is the event to be held?
  • When is the event to be held?
  • Who do you want to attend?

Plan your event well, have a time scale of when certain tasks should be done by, you could delegate certain tasks to other volunteers or maybe other people (i.e. why bake 30 buns when a local business may be willing to help you).

Promoting your event – let people know what you are doing and why. This could be personal invitations, posters flyers, letters or e-mails. As a general rule the bigger the event the more notice people will need to ensure they can attend.

Finally make sure any promotional material states: – what, when, where and how much (if there is an entrance fee/ ticket price).

Remember: – Let people know who you are raising funds for, let people know what is going on (i.e. have people on the door of your event explaining where everything is).

What to charge? Have a look around see what other people/ groups are doing locally, discuss it with the fundraising team, and ask friends / family what they would expect to pay, more importantly make sure that you are reasonable but that you cover any costs that you have for the event. Where possible you may be able to help towards the overheads by getting items donated or even a room for free.

Any entertainment you have must produce their Public Performance Licence, Food Hygiene and insurance certificates must be shown if you employ outside caterers to your event. Check with your local environmental health for anything you are unsure of and maybe the local HSE for health and safety issues. Please ensure for the safety of children that they are accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. A licence is also needed if you have alcohol at your event. The only exception to the rule is when it is not been sold and no indirect charge is been made (i.e the ticket price cannot be increased to cover the cost of alcohol). You can obtain a temporary licence (occasional permission) from the licensing justice at your local magistrate’s court if you give notice of a month or more. You can avoid this issue by either holding your event on licensed premises or by asking a local pub to organise a bar at your venue. If you intend to stage an event outside your home, you will need to ensure you have public liability insurance and personal insurance if you are doing anything particularly daring. Take advice from a reliable Insurance Broker if in doubt. HAPPA cannot accept liability for any fundraising activity you undertake. Please do not collect money in the street or public place without obtaining permission from your local authority.

YOU CAN HELP by organising your own Sponsored Ride.

Details here

YOU CAN HELP by organising your own Sponsored Activity.

Download a sponsor form here.

YOU CAN DONATE unwanted tack and equine equipment for HAPPA to sell in the Shores Hey Farm Tack Shack. Unwanted good as new gifts, unused and unopened chocolates, alcohol, toiletries to help with HAPPA’s raffles and tombola’s. Just drop items at the Centre Reception during opening hours.


You could hold a basic coffee morning or you could have tombola, raffle and/ or cake stall – you could double or triple your fundraising by holding additional activities.

Home made cakes should be safe to eat, as long as the people who make them observe good food hygiene, and the cakes are stored and transported safely.

At home people making cakes should follow these tips:-

  • Always wash your hands before preparing food.
  • Make sure surfaces, bowls, utensils etc are clean.
  • Don’t use raw eggs in anything that won’t be cooked, such as icing or mousse.
  • Keep cheesecakes and any cakes or desserts containing cream or butter icing in the fridge.
  • Store cakes in a clean, sealable container, away from raw foods, especially raw meat.

On the day people bringing cakes from home or running the stall should:

  • Transport cakes in a clean, sealable container.
  • Make sure that cheesecakes and any other cakes or desserts containing cream or butter icing are out of the fridge for the shortest possible time.
  • Avoid handling cakes- use tongs or a cake slice.

Where possible it is best to have your cakes/ biscuits etc pre- wrapped. Clearly display when the item was made and where possible an ingredient list or description of the item e.g. chocolate and butter cream cake. It may be advisable to state that you cannot guarantee these items have not come into contact with nuts (for people with allergies).

Once your event is in full swing, you’re well on your way to fundraising success. With good planning and organising you can achieve a fun event for all those who attend as well as raising the profile and funds of HAPPA!

Auction, Abseiling, Assault course, Antiques Fair/ antiques valuation, Art show, BBQ, Ball/ Dance, Barn Dance, Be creative- make things to sell to friends, Bad Taste Evening/ Themed Event, Book Sale, Buffet Lunch, Bungee Jump, Bad Hair Day, Bring and Buy Sale, Bingo, Baked Bean Bath, Cake Stall, Craft Fair, Cabaret Night, Carol Singing, Cricket Match, Cover a large picture of a horse with pound coins, Casino Night, Chocolate Evening, Climb a Mountain, Curry Evening, Car Treasure Hunt, Car Wash, (Plastic) Duck Race , Dog Show, Dress Down Day, Donations in lieu of Birthday/ Christmas, Dog Walk, Darts Match, Easter Egg Hunt, Egg and Spoon Race, Football Match/ Five –a-side Tournament, Face Painting, Fifties (or Sixties or Seventies) Night, Fancy Dress, Fashion Show, Fun Run, Fete, Flower Show, Gala, Guess the weight/ Guess the Value/ Guess the Amount, Garage Sale, Garden Party, Haggis Party, Head (or moustache or eyebrow) Shave, Jazz/ Folk/ Blues Evening, Jumble Sale, Karaoke, Line Dancing, Marathon, Musical Evening, Market Stall, Nearly New Sale, Obstacle Course Challenge, Pantomime, Pub Games Night, Quiz Night, Raffle, Race Night, Stars In Their Eyes Evening, Sponsored Event, Sports Day, Talent Show, Teddy Bear Picnic, Tombola, Valentine’s Party, Wine Tasting, Who Dunnit? Evening, Xmas Draw, Yard of Ale, ZZZZZZZZZZ sleepathon

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