This website has been designed to make it as widely accessible as possible

This website has been designed to make it as widely accessible as possible so that everyone, regardless of ability, can use our site. This page gives information on features included within the site.

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Access Statement For Visitors To Shores Hey Farm


HAPPA aims to attract a wide range of visitors and welcomes all, irrespective of age, physical, intellectual or sensory ability.

Where access to certain areas of our facilities and land is not possible for various reasons, we aim to provide, where possible, additional services and support to assist in overcoming these restrictions.

We recommend that you contact the Farm in advance of your visit to discuss particular requirements and to offer us the opportunity to, where possible, safely meet your individual needs.

Tel 01282 455992 Email [email protected]


Shores Hey Farm is accessible from the main road by vehicle. The lane to the Farm would not be suitable for wheelchairs or people with physical impairments to attempt without a vehicle.

The opening to the Farm has a car park with nominated accessibility parking spaces.

The lower yard is flat with a wide path area with 7 stables.

The Café has two entrances, one with steps and one with a slope. There is also a lift to all floors of The Café from outside of the building.

Our Café has an Evac- Chair on the second floor should the need arise to evacuate the building. The Café also has an alarmed and accessible lock from outside on the disabled toilet.

The disabled toilet (based on the lower yard) is lockable with a low-level lock. There is also gents and ladies toilets. All toilets can be opened from the outside should a problem arise, we do not have alarms in any of the toilets.

The old and new buildings run together in an L shape, these can be accessed from two entrances, one with a large double door entrance leading from a gentle slope pathway and another gentle slope leading from The Activity Room through a single doorway.

The gradient to the Walter Bartley building is a stable block with an approx. 4-metre-wide flat area. There is a small curb into this building which has been lowered to allow access.

A portable wheelchair ramp is available for the entrances to The Activity Room and Classroom.

It is noted that the access to/from the reception area and The Fussy Filly shop is via a new improved accessibility route, which also leads to the viewing fields and these improvements, made in 2022, allow access around site in a loop of tarmac pathways to view equines in their stables or in the fields.

Reception has an alarmed and accessible outside lock on the disabled toilet.

There is a small gradient into the Viewing Gallery of the Equine Exercise Arena with a tiny ledge in doorway.

HAPPA would advise any group or individual who may have special needs to arrange their own support.

A guided tour can be arranged which will be spoken in English.

It would be advisable for hearing impairments to bring an interpreter for any guided tours or specific events/ clinics.

HAPPA are currently unable to provide tours or written information in any other languages.

HAPPA currently do not provide any of our information in Braille.

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