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Corporate Sponsorship Packages

Becoming a Corporate Sponsor means your business will be assisting and supporting our beautiful horses, ponies or donkeys through their journey from rescue, rehabilitation to rehoming at Shores Hey Farm. In return your team will enjoy sharing in our success and receive regular updates about your sponsored equines. A fantastic way to boost team moral and share a common interested!

We believe that every rescued equine deserves a Second Chance by being rehomed to a private home.
Your business will share in our success and will be contributing to our mission of Giving a Second Chance to Neglected, Abused and Unwanted Equines.

There are so many fabulous benefits to becoming a HAPPA Corporate Sponsor!

Corporate Horse Sponsorship

Your Sponsorship will contribute to care costs for your chosen horse, you will receive:

  • A beautiful glossy photo of the horse your team have chosen to sponsor, a blog from your horse with key information about their character and their specific needs.
  • Sponsorship certificates to share around the workplace
  • An exclusive gift
  • A special personalised greeting from your sponsored horse in person or by video chat
  • Personalised messages from your chosen equine on special occasions
  • Regular updates via email, our website, and by receiving the Charity’s magazine and newsletters.
  • Regular updates via email blogging from your chosen equine.
  • Access to the HAPPA Sponsorship Amazon Wish List, so your team can buy your sponsored horse equipment should they wish.
  • Corporate Sponsorship Cards (x4) providing free access to visit your sponsored horse or pony at Shores Hey Farm.
  • Personal greetings from your horse either in person or by video chat, can be timed for a staff meeting.
  • Company Logo presented on your sponsored HAPPA horses door name and on our Corporate Sponsorship website page.
  • The opportunity to name a rescued equine- subject to one being available.
  • A special thank you message posted on our social media channels.

Corporate Stable Block Sponsor

Your Sponsorship will contribute to care costs for all the horses stabled on your sponsored block, you will receive:

  • A beautiful glossy photo of the stable block your team have chosen to sponsor, information about all the horses that are stables on the block.
  • Regular updates about all the horses on your sponsored stable yard through email blogging and newsletters.
  • Sponsorship certificates to share around the workplace.
  • A plaque on the stable block with your Companies logo and details regarding your sponsorship.
  • All Stables sponsored by you will have your company logo proudly displayed.
  • An exclusive gift.
  • Corporate Sponsorship Cards providing complementary access to Shores Hey Farm.
  • A VIP Invite to greet the horses on your stable block.
  • Personalised messages from horses stabled on the block.
  • All stables sponsored by you have your proudly displayed on the door names for residing horses.
  • A complementary company display banner, 5’x2’, in our indoor horse exercise arena.
  • Celebrate with us when the horses on your stable block find their Forever Homes, we will share the news with you when this happens.
  • A special thank you message posted on our social media channels.

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Purchasing Corporate Sponsorship Pack

We want to celebrate our success with your business and workforce, to champion when HAPPA horses sponsored by you find Forever Homes we will mark the occasion by awarding your team with a celebratory rosette, this can be displayed proudly in the office. Your team will then be invited to Shores Hey Farm to choose another horse, pony or donkey to sponsor.

For more information about becoming a Corporate Sponsor please contact Phillippa Hawkard on [email protected]

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