Since 1937 HAPPA has been saving equine lives.

Our founder, Miss Mona Huskie, was ahead of her time and campaigned to prevent the export of live equines to the continent. A group of like-minded individuals joined with her to prevent suffering of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Named in The Times as ‘A campaigner for equine rights’, Miss Huskie fought tirelessly to ensure a future for abused, neglected and abandoned animals.

During these extraordinary times HAPPA continues to provide excellent equine care to our resident equines. Our fantastic team of Equine Care Officers are working as normal to ensure that all our horses and ponies are well cared for.

HAPPA’s Equine Inspectors are on standby to provide support to owners and carers implementing the Animal Welfare Act 2006, throughout COVID-19 epidemic. If you are concerned about a horse in need or want some advice about your own horse, please get in touch.

We are gearing up for the coming winter anticipating the impact of the current pandemic. To report a concern online please visit https://www.happa.org.uk/report-cruelty-neglect/ alternatively if you prefer to speak to someone please call 01282 455992 your call will be in the strictest confidence. Your call is important to us and we endeavour to offer sound advice and solutions to ensure that equine welfare and owner’s well-being is paramount.

HAPPA will continually strive to improve and promote equine welfare through  Rescue, Rehabilitation, Rehoming and Education.

HAPPA’s Equine Inspectors investigate over 300 cases of cruelty and neglect each year that have been reported by members of the public. HAPPA Inspectors play a key role in the co-ordination and enforcement of codes relating to the ‘Five Welfare Needs’ and provide expert advice and support to horse owners. They are also able to educate in such cases when an equine’s welfare is compromised due to lack of knowledge.
Where possible our Inspectors offer guidance and assistance. However, we will take action via prosecution, or on occasion offer the ability to sign legal ownership to the care of HAPPA, where we find cases of cruelty and neglect.

Rescued equines are taken into HAPPA’s care to prevent further suffering. Where assistance is needed the Charity will sometimes work in collaboration with other welfare agencies. All equines are taken to Shores Hey Farm, Burnley where they will receive initial treatment and care in the Yvonne Gregory Isolation and Assessment Unit followed by a bespoke care and rehabilitation package.

By responding to calls from the public and other agencies regarding cruelty, neglect and abandonment we can continue to investigate and offer help to the equines who need us.

If you have concerns save a life today by completing the online form.

Every equine that arrives at Shores Hey Farm is stabled within the purpose built Isolation and Assessment Unit where they will spend a minimum of 21 days. Assessments for health, condition, behaviour and confirmation are carried out by our Isolation Team and the Veterinary Surgeons. We may also seek advice from a specialist Equine Dietitian and the Farrier will commence any remedial work. Any treatments and medications will be administered immediately, contagious and zoonotic diseases are diagnosed and treated accordingly.

After this period, once integrated into the main herd, a rescued equine begins their journey to be matched with a Forever Home through the Charity’s Loan Scheme.

All HAPPA horses, ponies or donkeys of any age are given a Second Chance of finding their Forever Home.
Although we work tirelessly to ensure they have the best care and attention we sometimes have to say goodbye to those who have suffered too much at the hands of their previous owners.

HAPPA have four categories in which you can rehome and care for your Perfect Match under our legally binding private loan agreements- Rideable, Companion, Temporary Foster Care and Veteran. Using our experience we match up potential homes to our horses, ponies or donkeys to ensure that we find them a Forever Home.

We understand that circumstances can change and equines may need to be returned, but we pride ourselves that they will always have a stable here. Our process is simple:

1. Do you fall within our Rehoming area?
2. Seen a horse or pony you like?
3. Is it available to be rehomed?
Yes – All currently available equines are advertised in the Reception Noticeboard at Shores Hey Farm and online.
No- If your chosen equine is currently not advertised he or she will still be undergoing the Rehabilitation process and will not be available to be applied for.
4. Find your chosen equine here Rehomeable Equines.
5. Fill in the application for your chosen equine.
6. Our Rehoming Team will be in touch. See Questions page for the full process of Rehoming after completion of the form.
7. We are unable to keep data or contact details for people in relation to equines currently unavailable for Rehoming.

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