HAPPA Rehome to 18 counties in the North of England as shown, highlighted in green, on the map below.

Areas HAPPA Rehome Equines to
  1. Do you fall within our Rehoming area?
  2. Seen a horse or pony you like?
  3. Is it available to be rehomed?
    • Yes – See all Rehomeable Equines.
    • No- If your chosen equine is currently not advertised he or she will still be undergoing the Rehabilitation Process and will not be available to be applied for.
  4. Fill in the application for your chosen equine.
  5. Our Rehoming Team will be in touch.

We no longer hold a waiting list as, due to the sheer volume of applications that we receive, we found this not to be an effective system for the resources that we have.

Instead, we ask potential borrowers to monitor the website and our Facebook page. You will need to apply for the individual equine that you think would suit what you are looking for.

Our Rideable equines are advertised on Friday afternoons with their applications currently only being live for the weekend due to the amount of forms completed.

All of the Companions, Fosters and Veteran equines can be advertised at any time.

So please do keep checking back if you can’t see the equine that you are looking for.


The initial contact is all completely free. Rehoming fees will apply once a suitable equine has been found.

You will receive an automated email as soon as you have completed the form letting you know we have received the form.

Rideable- We aim to read and respond to all applicants within 7 days with a shortlist of successful applicants. Shortlist and unsuccessful applications will be responded to by email.

Companion/Veteran/Foster- We aim to read and respond with in 48hours to any applicant looking for this type of equine.


Assessments– At both the Handling and Riding Assessments you will be expected to complete and sign a Registration Form and Disclaimer. You will also receive a copy of a Risk Assessment for the Assessment.

Rehoming– You will be expected to sign our Loan Agreements, Direct Debit Form, Consent Form and Payment Slip.


Within the different schemes that we Rehome under, we do have certain equines with specific needs that will require special attention away from the Centre. We ask that you are completely honest when you complete your forms and meet the equine, this is important to find the Perfect Match.

All of the equines undergo a Rehoming Assessment before being placed up for Rehoming. This allows us to highlight these areas to the potential new home. We ask that when they leave the Centre they are given time to settle into their new home and routine as some may take longer.

They are split into different Schemes so that we can provide extra support to those equines that need it.

Our Companions may have been placed on this Scheme as they could be unsound, typically mechanically lame or lame with increased work. They may also be to small/weak for us to ride.

Our Veterans may have been placed on this Scheme due to age or having health problems, typically manageable issues such as COPD and Cushing’s. They may have also returned from a home and been retired and looking for a quieter life.


We do have donkeys available for Rehoming from time to time, however they are homed in pairs, unless one is going to join another single donkey.


As stipulated in HAPPA’s Loan Agreements, 3rd Party Insurance is the minimum cover needed to Rehome one of our equines. Many of our equines out on loan are also covered for Veterinary Fees, however this is completely up to the individual.

HAPPA will need to see evidence of 3rd Party Insurance before the equine leaves the Centre.

HAPPA insists that routine health checks are to keep the equine in sound health and that they should be seen at least every 12 months by a Vet. This check doesn’t specifically need to be for a health check, but should include the annual vaccinations and dentistry.


All our potential homes or livery yards are checked prior to an equine being homed. Don’t panic we’re not looking for 5 star accommodation, just safe and suitable place for the equines to live.

Every equine leaving our Centre has a unique Care Plan providing you with; the equines history, when they last had their feet done, when they were lasted wormed etc.

You will also receive their passport. The passport will stay in HAPPA’s name as we are and will continue to be the registered owner. The cost of the passport fee is £25 which will be included in the Rehoming Fees.

Should the equine ever need to be returned to the Centre the Care Plan and Passport must be returned at the same time.


Rideable equine; Initial Donation £450-£650 and Passport Fee £25. Borrowers Fee £80 and Membership Fee £20 as an annual fee, set up via Direct Debit.

Companion equine; Initial Donation £125 and Passport Fee £25. Borrowers Fee £40 and Membership Fee £20 as an annual fee, set up via Direct Debit.

Veteran equine; Passport Fee £25. Membership Fee £20 as an annual fee, set up via Direct Debit.

Foster equine; Passport Fee £25. Membership Fee £20 as an annual fee, set up via Direct Debit.

You can make your own transport arrangements, provided that it meets current welfare in transport regulations.

Alternatively, HAPPA provide a delivery service for a standard charge of £60,  within the first 25 miles and £1.20 per mile thereafter.

If everything remains satisfactory you may keep him or her for the rest of their life. If your circumstances change and you are no longer able to care for them, then the equine must be returned to HAPPA at your expense.

We do not Rehome equines if we anticipate this happening in the near future. Euthanasia may be necessary due to old age or due to suffering from an ailment or condition where it is no longer humane to keep the equine alive.

A Veterinary Surgeon may need to be consulted and can advise, when the time comes. It is the responsibility of the Borrower to make the necessary arrangements for the euthanasia. HAPPA Inspectors are available for emotional support.

Head Office is to be notified once your equine has been euthanised. Don’t worry if it takes a few days it can be a very emotional time.

You must inform HAPPA of any intended change of address. If your relocation means that your equine needs to be moved too, the new premises or a change of livery yard will need prior inspection.