Sponsor the rehabilitation of HAPPA horses and ponies saved from neglect and abuse today!

Becoming a Second Chance Sponsor enables you to support one of our beautiful horses, ponies or donkeys being rehabilitated at Shores Hey Farm. By sponsoring we will share with you your chosen equine’s Rescue Story, daily adventures and exciting news.

We believe that every rescued equine deserves a Second Chance by being rehomed to a private home. Becoming a Sponsor is a fantastic way for you to share our success in doing just that. When this happens, we will contact you with the exciting news and send you a Second Chance Sponsor Celebratory Rosette. Then, you can sponsor another lucky HAPPA horse, so, with us, you can support our mission of Giving a Second Chance to Neglected, Abused and Unwanted Equines.

When you become a Second Chance Sponsor you will receive:

  • Regular updates via email, our website, and through receiving the Charity’s magazine and newsletters.
  • A beautiful glossy photo of the horse you chose to sponsor.
  • A blog with key information about their character and their specific needs.
  • A sponsorship certificate.
  • An exclusive gift.
  • Personalised messages from your chosen equine on special occasions.
  • Free access to visit your sponsored horse or pony at Shores Hey Farm.
  • Access to the Sponsorship Amazon Wish List, so you can buy your sponsored horse equipment should you wish.
  • Choice of a children’s pack that includes a cuddly toy or an adult pack that includes an exclusive Second Chance Sponsorship pin to wear with pride.

Celebrating Second Chance Success

We want to share our success with you when the horse, pony or donkey you sponsor is rehomed. So to champion this occasion we will award you with a celebratory rosette.

From a white rosette when your first sponsored equine finds their Forever Home to a Diamond two tier rosette when your tenth sponsored equine is rehomed, sponsoring is a perfect way to feel involved in our work. Your sponsorship can help not one, but many equines in need.