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Summer Welfare Concerns


June 23, 2021



One of our Equine Inspectors, Liz Pharaoh shares some of the main complaints she gets called out to during the summer months.

Summer Welfare Concerns

At this time of year, we receive many calls relating to horses/ponies having no shelter from the sun, rain and wind. Some horses are capable of living outdoors throughout the year, providing they have natural shelter. In the picture, above, the occupant of the field is a native pony and has plenty of trees, hedges and stone walls that can all offer protection.

In the same picture you can see there is a bale of hay that has been put in the field by the owner of the pony. Having had a good look around the field and understanding what breed the pony is, we identified that this pony did not need extra food. What we do find is that members of the public feed horses and ponies when they are out walking as they think that ponies like this one don’t have enough food. It is extremely important that you do not feed horses and ponies that don’t belong to you.

Summer Welfare Concerns

In this picture, you can see two ponies wearing face coverings. We often get asked what they are and can horses/ponies still see with them on. These are fly masks that do a very good job at protecting horses and ponies from flies during the day. We always advise owners to remove fly masks on a daily basis as they can sometimes rub a horse’s face and cause sores that could easily get infected. We also ask that you wash your fly masks on a regular basis so it’s always best practice to have two that you can rotate.

If you have any welfare concerns please either call us on 01282 455992 or fill in the form here.