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HAPPA Gandalf

HAPPA Gandalf was Rescued back in 2013 following an investigation by a HAPPA Equine Inspector. A call was received with concerns for the welfare of a Shetland pony.
Upon arrival at the location, the Inspector discovered a Shetland stallion who had been left abandoned and tethered, incorrectly, on a piece of waste land. He was emaciated, had severely over-grown feet, had no access to any clean water and little food due to the grazing having been burnt off in the sun.
After issuing notice for an owner to come forward, the little Shetland was taken into the care of HAPPA at Shores Hey Farm.
On his initial assessments it was discovered that he was suffering from a yeast infection, lice and worm infestation and was struggling to eat due to the deformities in his teeth and mouth.
Despite of all this we could see a little cheeky character underneath who was dying to get out and show us just what Shetlands can get up to! Our Inspector named him HAPPA Gandalf.
Gandalf also underwent remedial work with the Farrier in order to correct his foot conformation, was placed on a special diet along with receiving his wormer and lice treatments. He was fully clipped out, including his mane, so that we could treat the underlying yeast infection in his coat.
Once Gandalf was on the start of his road to recovery he was booked in for an operation in order to castrate him. Most castrations can be done under standing sedation at the Centre, however due to his age as he was classed as a mature stallion. This brings with it more risks, due to the mature vascular system. The other implication was his size, at only 30’’ high this makes the procedure tricky as the vet struggles to see underneath him. With all of this in mind he was taken to a specialist equine hospital and given a general anesthetic.
We welcomed Gandalf back, following his operation, he headed on the road to making a full recovery. He was very much a favourite amongst staff and visitors alike. He didn’t have to wait long before he found his Perfect Match in his Forever Home. Since finding his very own family he has proven to be outstanding in the show ring and brought home a number for rosettes, trophies and sashes. This little horse deserves the best and a happy-ever-after!

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HAPPA GandalfHAPPA Gandalf

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