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HAPPA Rainbow Rescue

Early 2020 we were alerted to the plight of three horses, in the Greater Manchester area, whose welfare was severely compromised. On arrival at the scene it was evident that the horses were suffering and had lost a considerable amount of weight. All had evidence of rain scald and sores covering their bodies. Once we located the owner all three horses were signed over into the care of HAPPA to prevent further suffering.

After an initial veterinary assessment, two of the horses were given a body condition score of just 1 and 1.5 and the third equine scored a 2. They then settled into our Isolation and Assessment Unit.

We named the three horses HAPPA Rainbow, a 17 year old grey gelding, HAPPA Violet, a Palomino 12 year old mare and HAPPA Indigo, a Bay Andalusian gelding. All three underwent bespoke rehabilitation plans in order to gain weight, receive veterinary treatment, and head on the long road to recovery.

HAPPA Rainbow found his Forever Home in November 2020 with a loving home.

HAPPA Violet found her Forever Home in September 2020 with one of our long standing Borrowers.

HAPPA Indigo is still on his rehabilitation journey but is progressing very nicely.

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HAPPA Indigo - BeforeHAPPA Indigo - After
HAPPA Violet - BeforeHAPPA Violet - After
HAPPA Rainbow - BeforeHAPPA Rainbow - After

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