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HAPPA Hetti and HAPPA Meyla

Miniature Black Shetland Mare and Spotted Filly Foal. Came in under the Cross Agency Agreement from South Wales as part of the ongoing Equine Crisis. Abandoned with no owner to take responsibility they were impounded under The Control of Horses Wales Act 2014 arriving at Shores Hey on 11/07/14 along with several others.
Blood tests confirmed that Hetti was in foal; the Veterinary Surgeon could not confirm a definite due date. HAPPA Hetti was a little fatty on arrival and we suspected the patter of tiny hooves imminently. However we waited and waited eventually giving up hope until one cold November morning to our surprise she gave birth to Meyla the cutest tiny foal, with attitude.

For further information about HAPPA Hetti and Meyla or to contribute to their care please call the HAPPA team on 01282 455992.

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