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HAPPA Patrick

Back in March of 2013 days before the terrible snow hit, we were alerted to a foal that had been rejected from his mother. Our Equine Inspector only just found the foal, deep in the mud of the field, he was only recognizable by the white blaze on his face. HAPPA Patrick, as he was later named, was suffering from hypothermia and had problems with his eyes. Thanks to HAPPA’s quick response he was transported to the safety of Shores Hey Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre where he was placed under the Solarium (infrared heat lamps) that were to save his life.
He was assessed by the Vet, who issued him a course of injectable antibiotics and eye drops. The next most important task was to find a foster mum, Patrick was clearly too young to be without the benefits of milk from a mare and the extensive search was on.
At just two days old he was transferred to Northallerton to be united with bereft mare; the pair instantly bonded and stayed together but sadly this was only to last 48 hours and the mare’s milk dried up and Patrick was rejected once again.
Back at Shores Hey, Patrick was bottle fed and continued to thrive despite the odds. He developed a dominant character, due to the fact that he was hand reared and proved to be a challenge to the Team. At the time we had another mare at the Centre that had taken to Patrick and provided the equine maternal figure in his life. HAPPA Maggie May became the mum Patrick had longed for, and with that she taught him just how to be a horse (and kept some of his naughty behave in-line too)!
After his long road to recovery he successfully placed in a loving Forever Home.

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HAPPA PatrickHAPPA Patrick

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