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The Five Welsh Ponies

HAPPA were alerted to a number of ponies back in January 2016, that were being mistreated. On arrival at the site the Equine Inspector found a number of mares with foals at foot, emaciated, covered in lice and carrying a heavy worm burden. Five of the ponies came to Shores Hey Farm to be treated and cared for. After receiving a treatment plan for the worms and undergoing a delousing they started on their specialised diet to gain weight slowly. Our nutritionist Caroline, from Baileys Horse Feeds, provided us with knowledge and experience to allow these horses to thrive under a new feeding regime.
The five horses were named HAPPA Eva, a mare with her foal HAPPA Henri, HAPPA Princess a mare with her foal HAPPA Gordan and HAPPA Susan a two year old filly. All five horses are Welsh ponies and required experienced handling to gain their trust and help them recover. After the mares had gain some weight and the foals were doing well they were weaned.
HAPPA Princess was the most underweight out of the group and was struggling with her tape worm infestation. After being at the Centre a few weeks she had an abscess burst from a tooth root on the left hand side of her face after a course of antibiotics and daily flushing we couldn’t get the infection under control and the decision was made to end this mare’s suffering.
The other four continued to thrive, HAPPA Henri and Gordan were typical young Welsh colts. They would normally be offered out on our Temporary Foster Care Scheme however, we made a decision to keep them at the Centre due to some behavioral issues they started to show early on. Both boys were castrated and spent a number of years at the Centre until they were old enough to back. Henri has grown into a mature young horse, he continues to have some behavioral issues towards the Vet which has been targeted with correct clicker training. Gordan has followed the same training for clicker training towards the Vet and has made a loving young gelding.
HAPPA Eva was unable to be backed and found her Forever Home as a Companion quiet quickly and continues to thrive in her loving family.
HAPPA Susan developed erratic behaviour towards staff members and other horses, becoming dangerous to lead and carry out daily tasks. The decision was made as she was too dangerous to handle and we unfortunately had to say goodnight to this beautiful young horse.

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HAPPA GordanHAPPA Gordan After
HAPPA HenriHAPPA Henri After
HAPPA SusanHAPPA Susan After

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