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The Three Thirsk Mares

In April of 2010, a call was received at HAPPA HQ with concern over the welfare of three Thoroughbred mares.
Our Equine Inspector attended the scene to find three emaciated mares, covered in rain scaled and with over-grown feet. With a Vet in attendance a ‘Certificate’ was issued which allowed HAPPA to remove all three to prevent further suffering.
Safe at Shores Hey Farm the three began their Rehabilitation Journey
Meanwhile documented evidence was collected to build a case, to take the owner of these horses to Court, to prove unnecessary suffering.
It was evident that these mares had suffered. With supprt and guidance from an expert solicitor we were able to present this evidence. The Court issied the previous owners a three year ban from keeping horses and a hefty fine, along with the mares staying in the care of HAPPA.
All three horses had begun to make a full recovery and responded well to some much needed TLC. With correct feeding and good farrier care these mares were well on their way to finding a Forever Home.
HAPPA Bella found her Perfect Match for a number of years before returning to the Centre. Sadly, on her return it became evident that she was starting to experience some real health issues. She had always struggled with dental problems and had deteriorated over a number of years. It came to a point where she was struggling to eat her forage and we were concerned she would begin to suffer if as she wasn’t able to take in enough nutrition. Unfortunately was euthanised on Veterinary advice.
HAPPA Grace spent a number of years at the Centre, but continued to suffer from skin infections. She was backed and working well as a rideable equine.
One year the skin infection became so sore we were very concerned about her health moving forwards. Sadly, it became evident that she was starting to infect the rest of the herd. She was diagnosed as a carrier for a strain of Ringworm normally found in Bovine animals. She was unfortunately euthanised on Veterinary advice due to the risk to other horses and humans. It was a very sad day when we said goodbye to her.
HAPPA Jewel stayed at the Centre for the backing process, she was unsuccessful in this path. However, she found her Forever Home in 2013 where she resides to this day with a loving family who dote on her.

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HAPPA Bella BeforeHAPPA Bella
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