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HAPPA Babycham

Hello my name is Maureen and I would l love to tell you all about my very special HAPPA pony Babycham and how we came to be together. Having sadly lost my treasured cob Annie to arthritis  and having been advised not to ride following my own diagnosis of arthritis, life without horses was not an option and so I contacted HAPPA to register. Shortly afterwards I was invited to Shores Hey Farm to meet Babycham. HAPPA are a truly caring charity who strive to match a potential Borrower to their perfect partner and so there were two other ponies for me to see during my visit.  On my arrival I received the warmest of welcomes and was introduced to Babycham. I made my mind up the moment I entered her stable when she turned and looked at me that we quite simply needed each other (sounds corny but it is true). I still said hello to the other two gorgeous ponies and was assured they too would find a loving home, which they did.

Babycham is an 11.1 hh Welsh Section A, aged 28 and from that moment I set eyes on her nearly five years ago there has not been a day gone by that she has not made me smile. She is happy, cheeky, smart, full of life oh and beautiful!  We enjoy walks together over fields and around the nearby estate when we are often stopped by people who want to say hello – they are always amazed how young she looks for her age!

I am 63 and having recently retired I can spend even more time with her. Babycham is turned out every day and comes in at night. Each evening I come back to do night feeds and I sit in her stable on my cushioned box and love to listen to her munch while I read or maybe brush her tail but, whatever, it is just so peaceful. It is very late when I finally say goodnight – we have the most wonderful understanding.

I am passionate about natural horsemanship and have spent many years learning about horse psychology to better understand and communicate with horses in a way they understand. This has brought such amusement where Babycham is concerned! As she responds so well to body language and goes back from a wiggle of my finger etc if I don’t ask her to do anything she will give me ‘the look’ and start going back and forth as if to say ‘hey I’m doing it’ and if I don’t respond as quickly as she would like she will nudge me, repeat the movement, stop, give me the look again as if to say ‘come on where’s the treat lol’ – she wins – the treat goes in her bowl (healthy sugar-free of course) now that is one smart wee pony and the best tonic ever!

Babycham has Cushing’s which is managed with Prascend. She has supplements to keep her tummy and joints good but she is worth every single penny as the joy she brings is priceless!

I would like to thank HAPPA for bringing Babycham into my life and for all the many horses, ponies and donkies you have helped – so proud to support you!

Love and Best Wishes

Maureen and Babycham


HAPPA Babycham

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