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A fantasy ending for Rescued Horses


June 18, 2020



Back in June 2019 we Rescued our very own cast of ‘Game Of Thrones’, with the Equine Care Team working hard to provide them with a fairy tale ending. The three rescued horses, who were in desperate need of veterinary attention, completely unhandled, suffering from a severe lice infestation and extremely underweight were brought to the Centre. The three horses consisted of an orphaned yearling and a mare and daughter.
Following the unpredictable ending of Game of Thrones that year, HAPPA named the horses after characters from the series, allowing the Equine Care Team to script out a fabulous ending to their story, the horses were named HAPPA Khaleesi, Sansa and Arya.
One of the first jobs was to separate all three mares, if they were to start their Rehabilitation the Equine Staff needed to be able to work with them individually to build a positive human-interaction and develop trust.
HAPPA Khaleesi has been through the biggest change out of all three horses. She took longer to trust the Equine Team, she was insecure, scared of what might be, and in ‘fight mode’ to protect her un-born off-spring. Equine Care Supervisor, Adele Forster, worked extremely hard to gain her trust. The work started by teaching her that she would need to wear a head-collar so that staff could apply treatments, and the Vet could carry out vaccinations etc. Our Isolation and Assessment Unit proved invaluable as this gave Adele the space and quiet area that she needed to work with this loving mare.
HAPPA Sansa and Arya took some time to gain the understanding of what was being asked of them, since the day they were born they had lived in a field and not had any human interaction, until being loaded onto the horse trailer to come to the Charity. Once they understood that no harm would come to them, they became just like any other yearling, cheeky and full of energy. They started to learn the basics to ensure the Equine Care Team could carry out their daily care. It took a few months for the Equine Staff to be able to pick up their back feet, but by working with the Farrier they managed to achieve what seemed to be an impossibility at the beginning of this Journey.
Meanwhile, Khaleesi was interacting with just two members of staff. Sometimes the Equine Care Team do this to provide consistency in the training and for the building of trust, it can takes weeks to get to a certain point and seconds to go backwards if an equine starts to feel insecure or unsure. Throughout the training for all three mares Mark Fuller, professional Equine Natural Horseman, helped the Team to think and act in certain situations that can help progress these animals to a better life and future. Once Khaleesi was comfortable with her general routine she was able to have a blood test to check for pregnancy, which later came back as positive.
Since then Khaleesi has gone from strength to strength and gave birth to a beautiful Skewbald Colt on the morning of 22nd March 2020. Sansa and Arya are now looking for their Temporary Foster Care Home, Khaleesi and Kevan are enjoying the summer out until he is weaned towards the end of summer turnout. Kevan will then stay at the Centre until he can be castrated before looking for his Temporary Foster Care Home. Khaleesi will have the winter to relax from her mum duties, and will hopefully start her ridden career in the spring of 2021.
HAPPA achieved a victorious outcome, and without the support of the public these horses wouldn’t be where they are today. The future for these three, to quote the series, … life is full of possibilities’.