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Baileys Horse Feeds Sponsor Orphan Foal


July 23, 2021



Baileys Horse Feeds are delighted to announce their support of the Burnley-based Horses and Pony Protection Association (HAPPA), through a new Corporate Sponsorship package for an orphaned Shetland filly, HAPPA Bailey-Mai.

Baileys have worked with the team at HAPPA for many years, helping with nutritional advice and feeding plans for all their rescued equines.
Baileys Area Feed Advisor, Caroline Dickens, was called in June to help with Bailey-Mai’s diet as she is so young. The foal, whose name was chosen from suggestions on social media, was soon introduced to a combination of Mare’s Milk Replacer and milk-based Foal Creep Pellets to ensure she was happy and established on her alternative diet, when she sadly lost her mum.

“It’s always a great privilege to work with HAPPA’s rescued equines,” says Caroline, “and we share their satisfaction when they are successfully rehabilitated and placed in loving homes. That’s why it’s so lovely to be able to support this little foal directly and to see her thrive. It will be fun following HAPPA Bailey-Mai as she grows up and exciting to see what the future holds for her.”

HAPPA, based at Shores Hey Farm in Burnley, Lancashire, give a second chance to neglected, abused and unwanted equines through rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming and education.

Laura Brown, HAPPA’s Head of Income Generation, says “We have worked with Baileys Horse Feeds for a number of years gaining valuable support and advice for the dietary needs of our rescued equines. Following the loss of her mother, we knew that Bailey-Mai would need a specialised diet to ensure her future, and of course the first port of call was Caroline. We were all thrilled when Baileys said they would like to sponsor the little foal as well.”

If you are looking to support a Charity this year and follow in Baileys Horse Feeds steps then further details about Sponsorship Packages are available on the Charity’s website Becoming a Corporate Sponsor will make a real difference to neglected, abused and unwanted horses, ponies and donkeys.