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Charity Roundup Operation – A Multi Agency Mountain Ponies Rescue


February 8, 2022



Horses and Ponies Protection Association (HAPPA) and World Horse Welfare (WHW) have worked collaboratively to rescue a herd of forty welsh mountain ponies.

HAPPA assisted in the roundup operation and were able to take six of the ponies into its care at Shores Hey Farm, Burnley, Lancashire.

A large herd of forty ponies has been taken in by rescue charities after the sudden death of their owner. When the owner’s distraught family contacted WHW about the plight of the ponies, it became instantly clear that they were unable to take on the responsibility of the day-to-day care of so many ponies.

The family were keen to sign them over into the care of the two charities to safeguard their future and ensure that their welfare moving forwards was a priority.

Situations involving large numbers of equines can be extremely challenging, due to a combination of factors. The joint efforts of charities belonging to NEWC (The National Equine Welfare Council) are invaluable. Collaborative working approaches are common working practice to ensure a better future for equines.

The team involved in this mountain ponies rescue had to act quickly to carry out a safe operation. The remote location of the farm, and the fact that many of the ponies were unhandled, meant that the expertise of the team was crucial to the success of the rescue operation.

Despite the relentless driving rain, combined with the cold winds on the day, the ponies were penned and channelled to await transport. Each pony was successfully loaded and taken to a triage centre to assess their condition in advance of them being moved to their final destination.

Tracy Heaton, Equine Inspector from HAPPA said: “It is always a pleasure working alongside World Horse Welfare supporting them, offering our resources and enabling such great Teamwork. Especially in today’s difficult equine welfare climate, working in partnership is key to getting the job done. Any task involving the round up of large groups can be extremely challenging and is reliant on a knowledgeable, proficient team working in harmony with each other; likewise, HAPPA equally works with World Horse Welfare calling on their resources to assist us on equine operations where necessary. The ponies have settled well into HAPPA’s Rescue Centre, Shores Hey Farm, where they will continue on a Rehabilitation Journey, learning to interact and socialise under the guidance of our Equine Team.”

HAPPA Wotsit having their first ever brush

Little HAPPA Wotsit having his first-ever brush!

All six ponies received a full health check on arrival and are receiving the care and attention needed on their own bespoke Rehabilitation Programmes. One of the mares is heavily in foal, due any day soon and another mare has also been confirmed in foal, and should give birth later in the year.

The new intakes have been named after the HAPPA team’s favourite snacks. Visitors to Shores Hey Farm will be able to meet HAPPA Pringle, PomBear, Dorito, McCoy, Wotsit and check in on their progress.

In further news, the Charity still has a pony to name and will be appealing to businesses to support her under the HAPPA Corporate Sponsorship Package.