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Could Your Business Help A HAPPA Horse To Have a Second Chance?


April 8, 2022



Everyone loves an uplifting story, and this is one that is guaranteed to make you smile. But before you do let’s take you back to a windy and rainy-day last year in Wales.

Multi Agency Rescue

HAPPA took part in a joint agency rescue of over 40 Welsh Mountain Ponies. The owner of the ponies had sadly passed away and his family desperately needed help.

Crisps & A Mini Cheddar

Together we took the 40 ponies to the safety of rescue centres across the UK, 6 were brought to HAPPA, Shores Hey Farm. Two of the mares were in foal.

The Equine Care Team decided to name the rescued horses after their favourite snacks, and one of the pregnant mares, HAPPA Pom-Bear gave birth to the now famous HAPPA Mini-Cheddar. (video below).

Now It’s Your Turn…

We are delighted to announce that the second pregnant mare has now given birth to this adorable foal.

I mean, just look at her!

Now, you may be asking, “What are their names?” and this is where your business may like to sponsor the care and rehabilitation of these two cuties.

Could Your Business Be Their Corporate Sponsor?

Along with naming both the mare and foal, the benefits of becoming a HAPPA corporate sponsor include: –

  • A beautiful glossy photo of the horse your team have chosen to sponsor.
  • A blog from your horse with key information about their character and their specific needs.
  • Sponsorship certificates to share around the workplace.
  • Exclusive gifts.
  • A special personalised greeting from your sponsored horse in person or by video chat.
  • Personalised messages from your chosen equine on special occasions.
  • Regular updates via email, our website, and by receiving the Charity’s magazine and newsletters.
  • Regular updates via email blogging from your chosen equine.
  • Access to the HAPPA Sponsorship Wish List, so your team can buy your sponsored horse equipment should they wish.
  • Corporate Sponsorship Cards enabling free access to visit your sponsored horse or pony at Shores Hey Farm.
  • Personal greetings from your horse either in person or by video chat, can be timed for a staff meeting.
  • Company Logo presented on your sponsored HAPPA horses door name and on our Corporate Sponsorship website page.
  • A special thank you message posted on our social media channels.

There are so many reasons why becoming a corporate sponsor is a great idea, here’s the main reason, your business will be helping HAPPA to give your sponsored horses a second chance and a lifetime of love and happiness.

Get In Touch

If you think that this would be a perfect fit for your business, you can see the full details of our corporate sponsorship on our website here, and if you would like a chat then please do contact us at [email protected] or call Jamie on 01282 455992.