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Eight Magnificent Thoroughbreds Now Have a Second Chance of Love and HAPPA-ness!


June 21, 2019



Working alongside two other welfare agencies, HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) have successfully given a second chance to eight vulnerable Thoroughbreds following a recent rescue.
On Valentine’s Day HAPPA were alerted to the plight of eight abandoned horses, three geldings and five mares. All had been left in a field in Yorkshire, suffering from a severe lice infestation, a heavy worm burden and in desperate need of farrier attention.
In collaboration with Retraining of Racehorses (RoR) a rescue operation was put together to ensure the recovery of all eight horses. Equine welfare charity Bransby Horses also offered much needed assistance, including providing their specialist rescue pen system which allows for safely herding groups of feral horses.
The Charities worked together to herd the equines onto the rescue vehicles. Many having not been handled in a very long time, if not at all, the rescue mission took several hours to ensure the eight were loaded safely and as calmly as possible to be transported to HAPPA’s Isolation and Assessment Unit, Shores Hey Farm based in Burnley, Lancashire.
Amanda Berry, HAPPA’s Head of Equine Operations explains “The skill and expertise of the staff involved was immeasurable, the horses were in flight and fight mode and didn’t understand what was expected of them. The staff were incredible and I applaud their efforts, patience and determination which paid off in the end and the horses responded calmly. We are extremely proud of our rescue work and have relished the opportunity to work alongside other welfare staff to come together and share knowledge.”
Philippa Gilmore, Director of Operations for RoR, said: “Our thanks go to all involved with securing the safety of the eight horses, some of which had raced and some had not. Further patience and care will be required rehabilitating these horses but they are in excellent hands at HAPPA, who are one of RoR’s Accredited Rehoming Centres, and we look forward to working with the team at Shores Hey Farm as we follow the progress of the horses.”
Ryan Rouse, Head of External Welfare at Bransby Horses says of the rescue “Bransby Horses have a long standing relationship with HAPPA that our founder Peter Hunt implemented many years ago. I am sure he would be proud to see how both Charities have developed to tackle the growing National Equine Welfare Crisis. On this occasion, a group of Thoroughbreds have the chance of a bright future because of the recent collaborative operation to safely round up and remove the mixed aged herd. The flighty horses certainly made us work closely as a united team to ensure their future safety.”
The Thoroughbreds will be offered the best possible rehabilitation at Shores Hey Farm for the foreseeable future and the HAPPA Equine Care Team will work hard to ensure they return to full health, all will then be placed in Forever Homes through the Charity’s Loan Scheme. They will now be given a lifetime of love and happiness, safe in the Charity’s care, HAPPA will never relinquish ownership throughout the remainder of their lives.
HAPPA were alerted to their plight during Valentine’s Day and so the Charity has chosen a selection of love themed names for the rescues; HAPPA Romeo, Apollo, Arrow, Valentine, Rouge, Bow, Scarlet and Rose.
Sadly, due to a number of health complications we had to say goodbye to HAPPA Valentine, Arrow, Rouge, Apollo. But now we have our Fantastic Four who all have a bright future ahead:-HAPPA Rose, Bow and Scarlett are on their way to a ridden career and we celebrated HAPPA Romeo finding his Forever Home!