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Clip Clip Away.


October 30, 2017



Clipping is in full swing at HAPPA and we are busy as bees ensuring the horses in our care receive a clip that is serviceable to each individual equine need.
Clipping horses and ponies not only make them look great it helps them to stay cool during work and reduces sweating which otherwise would make them cold when they are less active.
HAPPA Alfie Moon – is Sporting  a Full Clip
Alfie is currently in full work and his coat is kept constantly short as he suffers from heat exhaustion easily and a full clip is necessary to ensure that he is kept as comfortable as possible at all times.  When he is not in work he is rugged up with a full neck accordingly to ensure he is as snug as a bug in a rug.  Alfie also suffers from a skin condition and needs regular baths to prevent his condition from taking hold.  HAPPA Alfie is very high maintenance indeed!
HAPPA Bletchley – The Irish Clip.
Bletchley is experiencing his first ever clip and we have chosen the Irish clip to suit his needs.  He is in light work daily and sweats in the most common areas around his neck and elbows.  Keeping the hair on his back allows him to stay nice and warm where it matters most.
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