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HAPPA Comes To The Aid Of Eight Arabian Horses


October 15, 2021



HAPPA have taken eight Arabian horses into the safety of their Rescue Centre, following an investigation into neglect by the Charity’s North West Equine Inspector.

Our Equine Inspector, Tracy Heaton, was called to a property in Lancashire with concerns for the welfare of a number of horses. Upon further investigation and discussion with the owner, eight equines were signed into the care of the Charity to prevent further suffering. The horses will now begin their journey to recovery with bespoke rehabilitation programmes ensuring they receive the veterinary, farriery, dental care and nutrition they so desperately need.

Tracy explains “It was clear that the owner was beginning to struggle to care for them and as a result they were beginning to suffer, they hadn’t had farriery treatment for some time, were in desperate need of dental care and a couple were also underweight. I spoke, at length, with the owner about my concerns and we agreed that it was in their best interest to take all eight equines into the Charity’s care. Often, we try and support owners and will always put an equine’s welfare at the heart of all we do. It is sometimes necessary to remove animals with the owner’s permission from a situation which could potentially get a lot worse without our intervention. The compliance of the owner in this case is appreciated in the interest of the welfare of the horses.”

rescued arab horse being checked over by the happa vet

HAPPA’s Equine Manager, Rachael Wallace, said “Each one has a long journey ahead, we will do everything in our power to ensure a brighter future for each one of these magnificent Arabian horses. It’s not going to be easy, but we have a caring and dedicated team of professionals at the Centre who will work hard to make sure that they all receive the care they deserve. I cannot stress enough the importance of helping us at this time, the cost of supporting these horses and their care will be in the thousands.”

We will keep you updated with the progress of their recovery, and If you would like to contribute towards the care costs involved in the rehabilitation of these magnificent Arabian horses visit or call us on 01282 455992.