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HAPPA No Nonsense atypical myopathy.


October 2, 2017



At HAPPA we think it’s a great idea for as many people as possible to become educated about the best practice in equine care.
We do all we can to give everyone access to this information and practical activities in order to reduce the likeliness of horses and ponies needing help in the future.
That’s why we have started the HAPPA No Nonsense Facts downloadables.
Atypical myopathy is a mysterious illness usually found in grazing horses, mostly in autumn and spring, which has been linked to the seeds and leaves of the sycamore tree. This information is seasonally relevant so well worth finding out about it now.
Unfortunately there is no specific treatment to cure the disease, and treatment will be aimed at minimizing the effects of the clinical signs. So learning about and preventing its occurrence is worth doing.
For more information download our printable No Nonsense Facts sheet about atypical myopathy.
This downloadable includes sections on signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment and what should owners do. It has been written to be easily understood and is a great place to start even when you plan to do more research afterward.
Download here